We saw there was a need in Skipton for a place ‘to be’; somewhere safe, comfortable and welcoming, where people can spend extended time together. A house with ‘out-turned doors’ for individuals to find a sense of belonging and where lives can be restored and hope revived.

The words of Isaiah 58 v12 have strongly resonated as we've worked together and given financially to bring our hope into reality:

‘You'll use the old rubble of past lives to build anew, rebuild the foundations from out of your past; You'll be known as those who can fix anything, restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate, make the community liveable again.’

  • Community Support
  • Discipleship

To help provide restoration, build physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and develop resilience - giving hope for a better future.

People need a place to find relief from loneliness, isolation and declining wellbeing. We want to see The House open, to restore and grow community particularly among the elderly, vulnerable and young parents with pre-school children.
Feels like Home
The House will provide a non-church environment to bring the church's compassion to those who might not comfortably enter a place of worship.
For All
Our work supports people of all ages and circumstances, including singles, extended families, lone parents, and the bereaved. We meet regular churchgoers and those with no church connections.
'Go to' Location
This will be a 'go to' location, the first of its kind in Skipton. Partner organisations including our CAP Debt centre, Food Bank and family projects, will work alongside each other to provide holistic support in a community setting.

At Skipton Baptist Church, we provide a full range of disciple-making activities (Sunday worship, bible study and prayer groups, children's and youth groups).

Wider Sundays
The House will let us expand our Sunday worship services, including the possibility of live-streaming services across from the main church building and extra space for children’s groups.
Community Prayer Space
During the week The House will provide a community prayer space, with time available for private prayer and reflection alongside regular devotions.
There will be more opportunities to join Alpha courses and the follow-on discipleship course called ‘Roots’. These ministries have welcomed higher numbers of people from all backgrounds. We have seen a steady stream of people coming to faith.
The House allows us to expand services in Skipton and for the church to offer hope and compassion amidst the prevailing climate of uncertainty and worry. It gives us a place to ‘dream big’ for new ideas.

We already partner with these organisations


Skipton Food Bank

Renew Wellbeing

Kintsugi Hope